Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kinetic Decay

Please support my friends and their photo exhibit opening. Historic preservation is an important issue in my campaign and their exhibit highlights the beauty of preservation. A portion of the proceeds go to Historic Houston.

Houston is an eclectic city, filled with both modern skyscrapers and antiquated buildings. It is a living dichotomy. Local photographers (and brothers) Alex Luster & Michael Luster invite the public to view a sampling of their latest project "Kinetic Decay," which aims to illustrate the inherent beauty in decaying structures. A goal of the exhibit is to raise awareness, and to garner enthusiasm and support for the development and preservation of these structures.

This gallery exhibit is part of an ongoing endeavor initiated by the brothers to involve the creative talent of local artists with the efforts of the non-profit group Historic Houston in the celebration and preservation of historic architecture in the Houston area. A portion of proceeds from the exhibit will go directly to Historic Houston, with additional donations from future book and event sales to follow.

Alex and Michael are collaborating on a book of photographs, which gives the viewer a look at the nation's 4th largest city through the eyes of Houston natives.

The exhibit opens February 3rd and runs through March 2nd.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Juvenile Crime

Interesting article on the front page of yesterday's Houston Chronicle (by Liz Austin Peterson) regarding juvenile boot camps. Seems like there's a push for a more holistic approach to dealing with juvenile offenders. The current system has not been very effective in dealing with chronic young offenders and the problems at the Texas Youth Commission are well documented. The article points out that recidivism rates have not improved, which does not bode well for our communities. Juvenile crime is one of the issues I am focusing on during this campaign. Our youth are getting wrapped up in gangs and dropping out of school in high numbers. In turn, our communities feel the effects with increases in crime and a failure to develop a skilled workforce for the future. I am currently serving on the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative committee, sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Harris County, that is actively working to develop a more effective juvenile justice system and seeking alternatives to incarceration.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ed Gonzalez formally announces
for City Council District H

Houston, TX (January 28, 2009) – With today’s announcement by the City Council that the special election to fill the vacancy caused by Adrian Garcia’s election as sheriff will be held on May 9th, Ed Gonzalez officially entered the race for City Council District H.

“As a native Houstonian born and raised in the district, I know the community and am deeply committed to its continued success for our families and children,” Gonzalez stated. “I was educated in area schools, I have proudly served in the Houston Police Department for the past 18 years, and for the past five years I have been Adrian Garcia’s volunteer Community Liaison for District H. As the District H councilmember, I will use my law enforcement and business experience to build upon the relationships I have with district civic organizations and leaders to improve public safety, neighborhood protection, historic preservation, education and quality of life for all residents.”

The first in his family to both go to college and receive an advanced degree, Gonzalez has served with honor and distinction in the Houston Police Department, rising to the rank of Sergeant in the Homicide Division, and was selected for its elite Hostage Negotiation Team.

Ed Gonzalez is the chair of the Crime and Public Safety Committee of the Houston Heights Association and a member of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Committee (JDAI), a project co-sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Harris County to identify alternatives to incarceration for troubled youths. He also sits on the board of the MD Anderson-YMCA which serves District H families and young people. And Gonzalez was a Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) board member, helping families by administering Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the area.

Ed, his wife Melissa, and their family live in Lindale Park .


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