Friday, February 27, 2009

New Video for Campaign

Please check out my new video!

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Things are going great on the campaign trail ! I am proud to receive the endorsements from the Harris County AFL-CIO and Harris County Tejano Democrats. Please go to my website today and join our winning team.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eleanor Tinsley

Today our city mourns the loss of a true pioneer with the passing of former City councilwoman Eleanor Tinsley at the age of 82. We are a better city today because of her leadership and service. Tinsely was a strong leader that did not shy away from fighting the tough fights and helping forge a better city for all. Tinsley battled for school desegregation and countless other meaningful issues that improved the lives of many. We are fortunate to call this great city home and leaders such as Tinsley are owed a debt of gratitude. We should honor her memory by tackling the crticial issues of our time with the same vigor and determination.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I attended a Townhall meeting in the Heights hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and it was a packed house. Some recent crimes in the area have heightened concern and the forum allowed for community members to provide input. In order for us to combat crime effectively, it is crucial for the lines of communication to remain strong between all our law enforcement agencies and the citizenry. I am encouraged to see community members concerned for their neighborhoods and the willingness of our police professionals to engage in constructive dialogue.

However, no one entity can eradicate crime. It takes a collective effort by many to truly be effective in protecting our communities. All our law enforcement agencies must find ways to collaborate and communicate more effectively. New technologies must be explored to help suppress crime. We must also work with families and schools to ensure that young kids continue down a positive path and away from bad choices that ultimately lead to crime involvement.

Our city is fortunate to have some of the best law enforcement professionals in the nation, but they also need strong community support to remain effective. It is imperative for community members to stay informed about crime issues and to report crimes as they occur. By working together we can all help create safer communities.